Contract staffing


Markup Included with candidate cost.

Our customer saved 20% on their contract staffing spend.

Full-time recruitment

$1,495/ Job

Compare it with your current recruiting cost.

Our customers saved 90% on their full-time recruitment cost.

Applicantz has you covered!

Performance guarantee
Sit back and relax, we have you covered! You do not pay anything if you hire from any source other than Applicantz.
If we do not deliver, you do not pay. We will deliver the ideal candidate to you, and our confidence can be gauged from the money back guarantee. If you hire from any other source in 30 days, we will gladly issue you a refund.
Guaranteed results
At Applicantz, we take our job seriously. We believe we have an extraordinary product and take pride in it. We guarantee you results that are unbeatable and outstanding. 
Control at your fingertips

Applicantz has you covered!

High information security
Professional insurances
Background checks & Drug screening
Experience working with all major MSPs and VMSs
24x7 accessibility of account managers
A financially sound organization with zero debt.
Volume Discounts in accordance with the client policy.

You provide the job description/sample profile of an ideal candidate.

Ira reaches out to every qualified candidate in the universe.

You interview and hire the perfect candidate with


Ira comprehends the job by analyzing millions of data points.

Ira uses your preferences to get

top-notch candidates that are ready to interview.