If they exist, we get them for you!
Finding hidden talent
We use technology to collect real-time data from millions of data points and zoom in on the best talent for every open role
Uncovering "ready to move" talent
We use advanced algorithms to identify the candidates that are likely to be interested in a new job, so you can speak with them before someone else does
Attracting the best talent
Applicantz will curate a targeted list of qualified and interested candidates for each job. Applicantz algorithms will contact these candidates for you and get you a list of matched and interested candidates
Using AI and machine learning algorithms, Applicantz can find virtually any person with a presence on the web, collect all relevant information about them, from multiple sources, and match their profiles with potential jobs. 
Identify winning candidates in advance - Predictive Intelligence across Talent Acquisition and Talent Management
Applicantz is the only AI platform that helps recruit better candidates -
  • Identify high-potential candidates ahead of time
  • Applicantz algorithms predict candidate quality based on their previous application and skill match
  • Reduces the time it takes to fill up vacant positions