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Our Story

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Behind Applicantz is a core team of passionate people who have over 150 years of industry experience. Applicantz was built to remove the redundancies and inefficiencies that inevitably creep in every step of the recruitment process. With its use of Robot Process Automation and advanced algorithms, Applicantz is the simplest, smartest, and, most sophisticated recruitment tool.


Applicantz is based on four core principles which together identify as

“ Recruiting the Applicantz Way." Each of these core principles is of very high importance to the Applicantz team, and together, they are the building blocks of our organization.

1. Removing redundancy  

We deliberated over every step towards finding an ideal candidate and removed every inefficiency and redundancy, regardless of how small it was. In fact, Applicantz is known for its extreme functionality and our team is very serious about getting work done in an efficient manner.

2. Keeping it simple

The secret of change is focusing all your energy on building the new instead of fighting the old. Our goal was to create the simplest yet most effective recruitment system ever built, and Applicantz lives up to this standard. Every possibility of a task being cumbersome was addressed and broken into simpler and easy steps. Any additional functionalities a customer did not need was taken away. Our mantra is "Elimination is a great way to bring in simplicity, and simple is beautiful,” and, we genuinely believe that Applicantz is the simplest recruitment platform one will ever experience.

3. Striving for excellence

Mediocrity is just not an option at Applicantz. We would rather try harder than accept mediocrity. We would rather work all day than accept an inferior solution. Everything we do and offer must add tremendous value to our customers. We are always striving to excel, and excellence has become the virtue of our organization. A code is written and rewritten several times to achieve the same functionality with reduced lines of code each time. We put ourselves in the shoes of customers and this drives us to strive for and deliver excellence.


4. Unafraid of change

Great things never come from comfort zones.  We push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try new things be it a new technology, new method, new language, or even a new workplace.   At Applicantz, we are not afraid of experimenting and pivoting. We believe that man is constantly learning, and if that requires us to scrap something to give way for new learning, we do so immediately.

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